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Actress Elizabeth Pena Has Died

Written by rychu79


Actress Elizabeth Pena passed away after being admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Ca. Her cause of death is not known at this time. She was 53

Pena is best known for her roles in Labamba, Jacobs Ladder and Batteries Not Included. She also lent her voice to the 2004 Disney/Pixar film, The Incredibles as Mirage.

Hayride accident sends at least 23 to hospital


Portland Press Herald: At least 23 people were injured after a hayride tractor pulling a trailer flipped over at a popular Halloween attraction in Mechanics Fall, Maine. 

More than a dozen ambulances responded and at least two injured people were transported to an area hospital by helicopter, emergency officials say.

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Lol happy Halloween!


October 2, 2006 - Charles Carl Roberts IV, armed with a handgun, shotgun, rifle, and several hundred rounds of ammunition, enters a Lancaster schoolhouse, barricades the doors, and lines the female students along the chalkboard after binding their arms and legs. The male students, parents, and a pregnant woman are instructed to leave. One female student who couldn’t understand his instructions escapes with her brother. At approximately 10:45 a.m., police arrive on the scene and attempt to talk him down, but Roberts calls 911 and instructs them to tell the officers to leave or the hostages will be shot. Less than 30 minutes later, shots are fired. Police descend upon the school and attempt to break in, however the shots had already ceased. All of the hostages had been shot in the head execution style before Roberts fatally shot himself. Three of the young girls were pronounced dead at the scene, and two others would not survive through the following day. No definite motive has ever been found.

Lena Zook Miller, 7
Mary Liz Miller, 8
Anna Mae Stoltzfus, 12
Marian Stoltzfus Fisher, 13
Naomi Rose Ebersol, 7

Rosanna King, 6
Rachel Ann Stoltzfus, 8
Barbara Stoltzfus Fisher, 10
Sarah Ann Stoltzfus, 12
Esther King, 13

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Photos from the cemetery used in Hocus Pocus. It’s in Marblehead, Mass and it is gorgeous. More on my Instagram

Reblolgging because I miss this place. It’s so beautiful, it is unreal. Also, I ended up getting lost in a graveyard in near Salem, MA the day I took these which is the gothest thing ever.


Photographs of Oscar Pistorius taken by police, covered in blood, after he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (x)


Richard Kiel who played “Jaws” in the James Bond movies The Spy Who Loved Me & Moonraker died today. He was also in the original movie The Longest Yard w/ Burt Reynolds. He also had numerous guest spots on tv shows in the 60s including the Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man”