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Dens of Death

In order of photographs:

Dennis Nilsen

Ed Gein

Gary Heidnik

H. H. Holmes

Jeffrey Dahmer

Robert Pickton

John Wayne Gacy

Joel Rifkin

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RIP James Garner (April 17th 1928 - July 19th 2014)

Georgia Toddler that died in hot car had scratches on his Face


Georgia Toddler that died in hot car had scratches on his Face

The Georgia toddler whose dad is accused of murdering him probably spent his last moments frantically trying to free himself from a tight car seat in a brutally hot SUV, according to police.

Troublesome details continue to emerge from the June 18 death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris, who died from hyperthermia after his father, Justin Ross Harris, left him locked in his car seat on a sweltering…

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Hope this nasty fat fuck and his wife are locked up forever.


The 1972 Andes Flight Disaster

The Uruguayan National Rugby Team along with some other people  survived 72 days after their plane crashed in the snow covered Andes Mountains. Since there was no natural vegetation or animals around they had to eat their friends and family to survive. Out of the 45 people that crashed only 16 made it home.